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Approved Inspectors

Approved Inspectors are registered to advise and guide clients about the Building Regulations, and make sure construction work is followed by this. 

A Day in the Life of an Approved Inspector 

You will take responsibility for plan checking and inspecting the construction taking place on site. You will work closely with the client throughout the whole construction process, offering advice and checking that the building work follows the Building Regulations 

The main responsibilities of an Approved Inspector are: 

  • checking the building plans
  • working closely with architects, engineers, and builders
  • issuing out plans certificate (if requested by the client)
  • inspecting the progress of the work; and
  • issuing the buildings completion certificate. 

Traits and Skillsets of an Approved Inspector 

Approved Inspectors need to understand the information given to them to analyse the construction process, whilst understanding the written communication from builders and clients to explain technical terms and regulations to them, and other professionals like architects and engineers. 

Career Pathways 

As an Approved Inspector, you will be encouraged to join a professional body e.g. Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE). Joining a professional body may improve your career prospects as it demonstrates that you maintain your knowledge and skills and demonstrates your competence and commitment to the industry. Your route to membership will depend on your qualifications, your current job role, and your level of professional experience. 


CABE (Chartered Association of Building Engineers) strongly encourages students to join our Graduate or Technician Membership tiers, as a way to be provided with continued access to the broader community through information and communication, ensuring a high level of skill proficiency and drive for competence. 

Salary Expectations 

Starting salaries can range from £22,000 - £27,000 a year, with growing experience and chartered memberships. 

Relevant Experience and Studies    

Most Approved Inspectors will have an HNC, HND, Degree, or an equivalent qualification. Your employer may also prefer you to be a member of a professional body such as the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE). The relevant degree subjects include: Building Studies, Building Surveying, Building Control, Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering.