Thirteen Group

Formed in 2014, we are one of the North East's leading social housing organisations and pride ourselves on our passion for what we do.

Based in the North East but spanning an area from North Tyneside to York, we don't just provide homes; we create opportunities for people to make a positive change, raising their ambitions as well as the aspirations of communities as a whole.

So why Thirteen? At the very heart of the business we want to challenge preconceptions. Thirteen is just a number. What makes the difference is how you choose to perceive it.

We realise that when we’re willing to take a fresh look and look at life differently, we’re able to create genuine opportunities. That’s why at Thirteen, we avoid staid thinking, strive to resist making assumptions and always look for the potential in everyone.

By never prejudging, our aim at Thirteen Group is to help people think differently about their lives and recognise the opportunities open to them.