Butler & Young Approved Inspectors was purchased by the SOCOTEC Group in 2019 and has subsequently rebranded to SOCOTEC Building Control Ltd.

SOCOTEC Building Control is the market-leading independent provider of building control and the recognised authority on all matters regarding Building Regulations.

Since 1997, our services have been delivered on over 90,000 projects of all sizes across all sectors by fully qualified and experienced staff who embrace innovation, creative design, and thinking.

Operating from a network of offices throughout the UK, SOCOTEC Building Control provides national consistency in interpretation and approach to compliance. Our service is proactive and non-bureaucratic and is delivered consistently by our highly valued, experienced team. You can be sure of a single point of contact regardless of the location of your project, we are never too far away.

Whilst our prime focus is on meeting our clients’ needs, we are committed to raising standards and increasing the level of compliance for the benefit of the construction industry and wider society. We use our status as market and thought leaders to engage with all stakeholders involved with the development and delivery of Building Regulations.

We are licensed by the Government to provide a full building control service.

Our Services

SOCOTEC Building Control can provide a full Approved Inspector service for its clients when they are developing in England and Wales.

Accessible, collaborative, proactive

As the UK’s leading private sector building control body, we believe that the building control process can add considerable value to the design and construction process.

An accessible, collaborative and proactive approach combined with high technical capability removes compliance risk and provides real build and building lifetime cost savings.

Early involvement

With early involvement at the pre-planning and pre-application stage, our expertise and experience will remove both cost and compliance risk from the design process. Our pro-active relationship with our fire authority partners removes the compliance risk associated with fire safety legislation.

The Scottish Building Standards verification system varies significantly from the rest of the UK in both process and standards and can therefore be difficult and complex to navigate and demonstrate compliance


We have many years’ experience of working with the Scottish system and bring the benefit of this experience to our national clients on a consultancy basis managing the process and advising on compliance.
SOCOTEC Building Control also has a high level of capability and experience working with Scottish compliance systems, processes, and procedures.
We support Scottish-based clients with compliance issues in Scotland but also in the wider United Kingdom particularly England and Wales.
We also support national clients based outside Scotland with Scottish compliance issues, particularly the Scottish Building Warrant system.